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Barnes & Noble Book Fair: Proceeds to buy peace books for preschoolers

Saturday, August 24

Celebrate the start of school at our  pre-Peace Week book fair at the Barnes & Noble new location, 4209 Concord Pike (in the shopping center where Giant, Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s, etc are located). It will be a delightful event with
  • story times
  • a raffle
  • rock painting
  • and information packets containing activities for teaching and learning about peace.

Use your cell phone to present this voucher or print it out. Vouchers will also be available at the Peace Week Delaware / Pacem in Terris table at the Book Fair on the 24th.

Using the book fair voucher will not increase customer prices of books, toys, or cafe food and drinks, but it will provide funds to purchase books about peace to donate to local preschools.

“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.”-Gandhi

Please share this voucher with friends and family. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Bartoshesky:

Can’t Make Our Event? 

Visit BN.COM/bookfairs to support us online from 08/24/2019 to 08/30/2019 by entering Bookfair ID 12544268 at checkout. 
A percentage of your Barnes & Noble purchases will help us buy more books to teach peace to our children.

Proclamation From the office of the Governor

  • Whereas, Peace Week is celebrating its 4th annual week-long celebration; and
  • Whereas, this week-long celebration is a project of the Movement for the Culture of Peace. Since 2014, this organization has been organizing peace marches in Wilmington, DE; and
  • Whereas, Peace Week Delaware works to raise awareness, hope and action for peace, equality and justice all across Delaware; and
  • Whereas, the celebration is marked by events organized to educate Delawareans on how to get involved in advocating for peace; and
  • Whereas, it is important for Delawareans to be involved in activities that will support a peaceful Delaware.

Now, Therefore, We, John Carney, Governor,
and Bethany Hall-Long, Lieutenant Governor,
do hereby declare September 21st-29th, 2019, as


in the State of Delaware, and urge all citizens to recognize the essential role that Peace Week Delaware plays in encouraging a culture of peace in our state,


Eighty-eight events have been registered, seventy in New Castle County, seven in Kent County and eleven in Sussex County for Peace Week Delaware 2019.  They  include community picnics, community walkabouts, interfaith conversations, discussions on racial divisions, alternative to violence workshops, lectures and discussions on immigration issues, healthy practices–from yoga to meditation, films,  religious services, dramatizations on topics like homelessness and peace vigils, drum circles, several collections for the needy, consciousness raising for LGBTQ populations, a radio program, a community wellness fair and youth activities ranging from taking video to painting and writing poetry to making crafts like pinwheels and origami.

Thanks to the creativity and unselfishness of Peace Week event organizers, we will all have a diverse program of events to educate, inspire, motivate  and amuse us beginning on September 21.

Thank you, event organizers for your efforts in designing these events and for your future efforts in publicizing and executing them for our collective benefit.

For those of you who did not make the deadline, we encourage you to register your events so that they can be included on our website.  Your events will still qualify as full-fledged Peace Week Delaware events; we will all work to make every event a success.

All events have been posted but not all events have been copied onto our Detailed Listings page. If your event appears on the Calendar page and on the Tabular Listings page, then you are registered; you need not worry. Event organizers,  please check the postings for your event and contact us as soon as possible at if editorial changes are needed.

This information will be transferred to our print designer later this week; at that point, any changes you request will be made on the website but will not appear on the printed program.