Event Criteria

To be registered and promoted as an official Peace Week Delaware event, your event will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Support the mission, vision, and goal of the Movement for a Culture of Peace:

Mission: Build a Culture of Peace in Wilmington and the State of Delaware
Vision: Delaware is known for its transformation to a culture of peace
Goal: Create sustainable actions to build a culture of peace

  • Have peace, nonviolence, or equal justice as an integral theme or outcome
  • Model and build collaboration between peace-oriented organizations and individuals
  • Be open and welcoming to anyone who wants to participate
  • Be politically non-partisan
  • Be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Not allow weapons of any type at the event
  • Be free of charge (Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee must grant permission for events that are not free)
  • Have the will, energy, and resources for a successful event
  • Distribute a sign-in sheet that captures email addresses for a survey of all Peace Week Delaware participants
  • Provide a report after the event to the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee (description of event, number of participants, challenges encountered, resources used, etc.)

Sept. 17-24, 2017