Event Criteria


To be registered and promoted as an official Peace Week Delaware event for 2020, you will need to meet the following criteria.


  • Support the mission, vision, and goal of the Movement for a Culture of Peace:

Mission: Build a culture of peace in Wilmington and the State of Delaware
Vision: Make Delaware known for its transformation to a culture of peace
Goal: Create sustainable actions to build a culture of peace

  • Have peace, nonviolence, or equal justice as its primary theme or outcome
  • Have a Delaware focus; may also address national and international peace and justice issues
  • Motivate attendees to become involved in peace activities by providing specific ideas and contacts about how they can do this
  • Be politically non-partisan


  • Collaborate with other peace-oriented organizations and individuals
  • Be open and welcoming to everyone (K-12 events in a school and scheduled during the school day for students and faculty are exempt from this Criteria)
  • Be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Not allow weapons of any type
  • Be free of charge (Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee must grant permission for events that are not free); voluntary contributions from attendees may be accepted
  • Collections of clothing, personal items etc. from attendees must be voluntary. Event Organizers must manage any collections and assure delivery to the intended recipients.  The number of these collections at Events will be limited and approved each year by the Steering Committee.


  • Have the will, energy, and resources for a successful event
  • Use a sign-in sheet to capture email addresses for attendees*
  • Distribute and collect feedback from attendees*
  • Report after the Event to the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee*

*The Peace Week Steering Committee will provide the format for these items.

 Remember that events registered after July 1 will not be included in the Peace Week printed program.

 Questions?  Please email: info@peaceweekdelaware.org

 [Criteria updated 03-15-19]