Who and what is Peace Week?
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Responsibilities of sponsors
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Supporting Peace Week

What is Peace Week Delaware?

From September 17–24, 2017, peace-loving folks across our state will celebrate Peace Week Delaware—a statewide series of events and actions raising awareness and hope for peace in our communities, nation, and world. We encourage you and your organization to join in by helping to create the inaugural Peace Week Delaware and attending the resulting Events.  For more on Peace Week Delaware click here.

How can I be part of this?

There are lots of ways:

  • Create and register an Event
  • Volunteer to help the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee
  • Volunteer to help with an existing event
  • Support Peace Week Delaware financially or with goods or services. More information.
  • Attend as many Peace Week Delaware Events as you can
  • Talk up Peace Week Delaware among your family, friends, church and business contacts and encourage them to support, volunteer and attend


Why should I sponsor a Peace Week Delaware event?

Sponsoring an event gives you the opportunity to be part of Peace Week Delaware 2017.  To declare your desire for peace by being part of a statewide program of Events focused on peace, justice and nonviolence.  To build greater visibility for the community’s desire for peace and influence elected officials and policy makers.  To join others in expressing this desire, because acting together will make a greater difference than any of us can do alone.  To connect with like-minded individuals and organizations.  To bring new people and organizations into the peace movement.  To lay the foundation for Peace Week Delaware in future years.

I want to sponsor an event. Can you suggest some ideas?

Yes.  You will find a great list of ideas here. Be sure also to check our 2016 events to see what kind of things were offered last year.  You can help Peace Week Delaware by planning a different kind of event at a day / time when no other events are planned.

What is the process for sponsoring an event?

First, read over the Event Criteria for information on the kinds of events that will be promoted as part of Peace Week Delaware (i.e., on the website, in social media, in the press, etc.).

If you are comfortable that your idea meets the Event Criteria, then fill out our event  registration form. The Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible,

If you have questions about the Event Criteria or the registration form, please email events@peaceweekdelaware.org.

May I schedule an event at the same day / time as another event?

Yes, that’s fine, if it is a different kind of event that is likely to attract a different audience—or the same kind of event in a different locale (e.g., your event in Sussex County is at the same day / time as a similar event in New Castle County).  The Steering Committee can work with you to help plan your event for the day / time it is likely to be most successful.  Just email info@peaceweekdelaware.org.

How can I get more help?

We encourage you to attend the Peace Week Delaware Kickoff Meeting on Tuesday, April 12, in Wilmington. Watch our Organizing Calendar for details. This will be a great opportunity to get help in planning your Event and to help others doing the same thing.

We are planning to repeat this workshop downstate. Please volunteer your space if you can host. We’ll come to you!

Even after the workshops, you can always contact the Steering Committee at info@peaceweekdelaware.org for help.


What will I be responsible for as an event sponsor?

All Peace Week Delaware events will be planned and run by organizations and individuals.  If you sponsor an E\event, you will be responsible for all aspects of the event – securing the venue, obtaining required permits and licenses, raising funding and actually running the event.  Your event will be listed on the Peace Week Delaware website with appropriate links to further information. You should also promote your event to complement the promotion to be done for all events by the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee.

What is the role of the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is the overall organizer for Peace Week Delaware.  The Committee will provide web and social media promotion for all Peace Week Delaware events that meet the Event Criteria.  Read more about the Steering Committee here.  The Steering Committee is not directly organizing or sponsoring any events – that will be done by individuals and organizations throughout Delaware.

Who will have legal and financial responsibility for my event?

Legal and financial responsibility will rest with each Event Sponsor.


I want to help Peace Week Delaware by volunteering my time.  How can I do that?

That’s great and we thank you.  There are two ways to volunteer – by working with the Steering Committee or by working with the sponsor of an already scheduled event.

  • See our Volunteer page for information and a registration form for volunteers. The Committee is currently looking for people to fill several key roles and we would love to talk with you.
  • To volunteer with the sponsor of an event, see Scheduled Events for the names of individuals and organizations that you may contact directly.


Can I support Peace Week Delaware with a donation?

Yes.  Peace Week Delaware is all-volunteer and we are relying on peace-minded people for help.  You can support with financial donations or donations of goods or services.  You can donate to the Steering Committee or sponsors of individual events.

  • To donate to the Steering Committee, see this page.
  • To donate to sponsors of individual events, look for contact information with each event on the Scheduled Events  page.

I know about a possible donor to Peace Week Delaware.  Who should I contact to pass on this information?

Thanks!  Please email info@peaceweekdelaware.org.


Email info@peaceweekdelaware.org.

Sept. 17-24, 2017