Graphic Resources for Event Sponsors 

The following graphics are available for free download by event sponsors and others wishing to promote Peace Week Delaware.

If you don’t find what you need here, contact

Please note that Peace Week Delaware’s name and graphic identity have been trademarked in the State of Delaware. Please do not alter of modify these images without our permission. 

Measurements are in inches, pixels or dpi.
Unless otherwise stated, all graphics are jpeg.
To download images, double click on pdfs, right-click on images.
(Control-click on a Mac.)

Large  Peace Week Delaware 72″ Banner Logo Large (URL – no dates) PDF click to download

2019 Peace Week Delaware Banner Logo Small  (1260 x 385) with dates

Peace Week Delaware Logo No Dates  (1801 x 760)

Generic Peace Week Delaware Square Logo No Dates (931 x 930)

2019 Peace Week Delaware Square Logo With Dates (900 x 900)

Official Event “Stamp” (for use only by approved Event Sponsors) 931 x 930 

Nine Days, Three Counties, One Delaware — Sept. 21–29, 2019