All Week Events, 2018

All Week Events and Collections

Before providing you with a listing of this year’s events, we would like to call to your attention two collections, A Tampon Drive and A Collection for Syrian Refugees, that need our support.  Please be as generous as you can.  Promoting peace requires action and these are two small ways we can act.

Tampon Drive

A single box of tampons or pads costs nearly $6. If you’re living below the poverty line, these necessities cannot be purchased with food stamps or WIC. Please help Grace Cafe combat this often neglected problem! Your contribution of tampons, pads, pantyliners and cups will help women in our community to maintain their personal hygiene, health and dignity.
Date/Time: 09/15/2018 – 09/23/2018  All Week
Collection sites:

Sponsored by: Grace Cafe Wilmington,
Questions: Clara,, 302-300-2218


Syrian Refugee Collection

 Due to eight years of war, millions of Syrians have been abandon their homes and communities, creating the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. More than 5.6 million have fled their country to become refugees and 6.1 million are displaced within Syria. Half of the people affected by the terrible results are children. 

We will  collect items for Syrian Refugees at the three collection sites given below.  Items being collected are bedding, school supplies, hygiene items, educational toys and easy books, new socks and underwear, heavy-duty shoes, first aid supplies, sewing machines and sewing supplies. Small donations made by many people can make a big difference. Donations need not be boxed; trash bags are recommended.

Collection sites:

Sponsored by: UUS of Southern Delaware,
Questions: Mac,, 330-696-0050

2018 Event Listings

All Week Events

The Race Card Project

Based on the award-winning project by Michele Norris, we are encouraging people to condense their observations and experiences about race into one sentence with just SIX words. This will serve as a conversation starter now and for later programs. Come by during library hours; use this tool to learn about yourself.
Date/Time: 09/15/2018 – 09/23/2018 / library hours
Location: Woodlawn Library
Categories: New Castle County
Sponsored by: Woodlawn Library,
Questions: Kim,, 302-571-7425

Coloring for Peace

Come to the Children’s Room and draw, write, or express your idea of what peace means to you.  All ages.
Date/Time: 09/15/2018 – 09/23/2018 / library hours
Location: Claymont Library
Categories: New Castle County
Sponsored by: Claymont Library,
Questions: Peggy,, 302-798-4164

Drawing on Peace

Show us your ideas and express yourself in this drawing activity.

Date/Time: 09/15/2018 – 09/22/2018, library hours
Location: Elsmere Library
Categories: New Castle County
Sponsored by: Elsmere Library,
Questions: Shannon,, 302-892-2210

Peace It Together

Celebrate peace with a variety of peaceful community-building exercises, including puzzles, games, and artistic activities.
Date/Time: 09/15/2018 – 09/22/2018 / library hours
Location: Elsmere Library
Categories: New Castle County
Sponsored by: Elsmere Library,
Questions: Sharon,, 302-892-2210

Pacem in Terris
Youth Peace Art Exhibit

Visual and written answers to the questions, “What does peace look like?” “What does the world look like that you want to live in?” are made by youth from all over our area and then exhibited at The Delaware Contemporary during Peace Week. Over 500 entries will be on display. Opening is Sunday, September 16 at noon and is open through September 23.

Date/Time: 09/16/2018 – 09/23/2018 / 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location:The Delaware Contemporary 
Categories: New Castle County
Sponsored by:Pacem in Terris,
Questions: Medard,, 302-656-2721