PeaceWeek_logo2_smallThe first Peace Week Delaware will launch on Sept. 18 with more than 30 events statewide over eight days—far exceeding organizers’ expectations.

Organization of Peace Week Delaware began in February 2016.  Since then, Delaware’s Movement for a Culture of Peace (MCP) has partnered with dozens of organizations and individuals across the First State to present a week-long series of events running from September 18 – 25.

The purpose of Peace Week Delaware (PWD)  is two-fold:  (1) To build our state’s capacity to achieve our collective goals for peace and justice by collaborating to create Peace Week together and (2) To offer peace-loving people across Delaware the opportunity to join together to recognize the possibility of peace and energize their actions.

Delaware continues to suffer from unacceptably high levels of violence. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations have worked to address this issue without success.

The Movement for a Culture of Peace envisions a coordinated approach to building alternatives to the prevailing culture of violence based on education, economic opportunity, anti-racism, equal justice, respect for human rights, equality between women and men, respect for LGBTQ rights, democratic participation, the free flow of information, and disarmament of our neighborhoods.

MCP has sponsored monthly forums on peace and nonviolence for two years, as well as the 2014 and 2015 Marches for a Culture of Peace in Wilmington. We believe that change agents are more effective working together—and that collaboration will accelerate positive change across the First State.  Our hope is that Peace Week Delaware will become an annual event, broadening in scope, participation, and impact each year.

More than 30 events will take place across the First State—things like films, art exhibitions, marches, gatherings, rallies, concerts, workshops, talks, and meditations.  Delawareans of all colors, faiths and backgrounds are urged to attend Peace Week Delaware events to share with others in building peace across the First State.