Event Roster Growing as Peace Week Swings into July

Because of the organizational foundation (website, committee structure, processes, and policies) established last year, as well as the many volunteers who have stepped up from the faith and nonprofit community, we’re well ahead of where we were a year ago. Thanks to all of you!

Here’s What’s Happening:

  • Events: We have about 25 Peace Week Events already on the books statewide, including both new and returning ones. With more to come!
  • Event Sponsors: We have both returning and new Event Sponsors—all of whom are creating an exciting calendar of Events for you.
  • Steering Committee: A great group of about 15 energetic, committed people—including many new volunteers—handling activities important to Peace Week success: media relations, social media, fundraising, website management, and event-sponsor liaison.

–Including help from the Community Partner Support Group of the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services (thanks!).

–Each member of the Steering Committee personally donating to support the Steering Committee’s statewide promotion of Peace Week.

  • Kickoff Meetings: Held in New Castle and Sussex counties and upcoming in Kent County


  • WebsiteImproved design and a dedicated webmaster.


Key Dates:

  • July 14:Deadline for registration priority for date / time on the Peace Week calendar for Event Sponsors returning from 2016.
  • August 11:Deadline to be listed on the Peace Week printed program for:

–Event Registration

­Financial and in-kind donations to the Steering Committee


What You Can Do:

  • Think about how your organization might sponsor a Peace Week Event. See Create an Event.
  • Be looking for media coverage of Peace Week.
  • Post a link to Peace Week’s Facebook page to your social media
  • Donate to Peace Week Delaware to support Steering Committee promotional activities. Donations of every size are appreciated. Your tax-deductible dollars do matter.
  • Look for future Peace Week Delaware Newsletters. Next month: a first look at 2017 Events.
  • Forward this email to your friends and colleagues and talk it up!