Eight Days

Three Counties

One Delaware


Peace Week Delaware 2017 was a huge success. Based on sponsor reports and our own estimates, we can say with confidence that attendance at Peace Week Delaware events totaled about 3,500. That’s a 75 percent increase in attendance over 2016.

The number of events offered under the Peace Week banner increased by 50 percent—from 40 to 60.

But it is the quality and thoughtfulness that went into event planning that impressed us most. Some events were repeated from last year, but many new ideas emerged.

Neighbors Joining Together to Create Peace in the First State

There were concerts, speakers, films, marches, exhibits, workshops, and talks. We talked about building community in our neighborhoods, city, and state.

We learned about refugees and human rights from a global perspective. We addressed racism and white supremacy. We sought greater understanding of the lives of immigrants and the homeless among us.

We explored ways to prevent our youth from being caught up in gun violence. We had pizza and conversation with the Wilmington Police Department, including its new chief.

Eleven public libraries mounted events and displays. Hundreds of artworks envisioning peace were hung at the Delaware Contemporary—and will tour the state for the next year.

Several very timely events promoted dialogue with Muslims—and an opportunity to attend Friday prayers at a local mosque and two shared meals.

We heard the poetry of Rumi, the spoken word of our Twin Poets, and the rap of El Rod. We had interfaith and cross-cultural conversations. We saw “Out of the Ashes”—a father and son reuniting after a long incarceration.

We promoted health in the community and safety for our children. We heard about mindfulness in the face of trauma and violence. We meditated and walked the labyrinth, seeking peace within.

We marched in Wilmington’s West Side and in the center of Lewes. We gathered for a Day of Peace in Rodney Square, celebrating the arts.

Thank you!

This was Peace Week Delaware 2017. It was supported by our Community Partners and the generosity of individuals. Hundreds of volunteers  created events. Thousands attended. We thank everyone—especially those of you who attended and connected with each other through Peace Week Delaware.