Responding to the Challenge

We continue to profess our mission to promote nonviolence by building a community whose members value equity and justice while demonstrating compassion. Our challenge has become more immediate as our community suffers the pain and trauma of the health and economic uncertainties of the pandemic. Peace Week Delaware event organizers are already planning events that will heal us and propel us forward. With sensitivity, creativity, and courage, they will summon us all to action by educating, inspiring and, where need be, deconstructing.

Event Organizers: Time to Register your Event

It’s that time again, Event Organizers. This year’s deadline is August 15th. Reach out to us at if you have questions or need help. Have you found another organization to collaborate with this year? We can help with that, too!

Register to Host an Event Today

Events and the Pandemic

We’re all aware that COVID-19 has caused incredible disruption to our lives, and in almost every way imaginable. To maintain our current vigilance, but to continue promoting peace throughout our state, we want to encourage all of our organizers to consider how they might deliver their event virtually, or in a socially-distanced manner. We’re not sure what October will bring, but we want everyone’s hard work to be honored with the attendance they deserve. Our Steering Committee will work with our organizers to develop virtual/digital/socially distanced adaptations for their events whenever possible.