New Castle County
Be it hereby known to all that the The Honorable Matthew Meyer,
New Castle County Executive, recognizes
WHEREAS, Peace Week Delaware is an expanded vision of peace led by the Movement for a Culture of Peace, which began organizing annual peace marches in Wilmington in 2014 and has held monthly public forums on how to achieve peace and address the impact of violence; and
WHEREAS, all Delawareans seek a more peaceful society, free from escalating gun violence, poverty, systematic racism and environmental disaster, and there are organizations tackling these problems; and
WHEREAS,  the overwhelming stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has required neighbors to support each other and to address the needs of specially vulnerable populations; and
WHEREAS, our children have the right to learn about conflict resolution and peacemaking in order to make a better future for themselves and their children; and
WHEREAS, the first step to achieving more peaceful communities is to join together in fellowship; and
WHEREAS, Peace Week is intended to encourage participation by Delawareans in a week of activities designed to help neighbors work together to make Delaware a more peaceful place; and
WHEREAS, Peace Week Delaware invites Delawareans to join its sixth annual week-long celebration and encourages a coordinated search for alternatives to a culture of violence; and
WHEREAS, Peace Week Delaware works to raise awareness, hope, and action for peace, equity, and justice all across Delaware; and
WHEREAS, Peace Week celebrations are marked by events organized to educate Delawareans on how to get involved and work together in advocating for peace,
NOW THEREFORE, I, Matthew Meyer, County Executive of New Castle County, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim
October 2nd to October 10th, 2021 as Peace Week in New Castle County.