Event Criteria

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The objective of Peace Week Delaware Events is to motivate, educate, and/or inspire in a setting (virtual or in-person) where everyone’s voice is heard.

Official Peace Week Delaware Events for 2021 will follow these criteria:

  • Promote peace, non-violence and/or justice in communities within Delaware. A peaceful community is one where physical and emotional needs are met and where people are treated with empathy and respect. In the past, event topics have included restorative justice, trauma care, inclusion, public policy, personal well-being, community service,environmental justice, interfaith understanding and housing equity. This list is far from exhaustive; the possibilities are endless.
  • Be posted on the Peace Week Delaware website where attendees will register to attend. This information will be made available to the event sponsoring organization.
  • Personal email addresses from registrations may be used to promote other peace-related activities.
  • Encourage attendees to become involved in peace making activities by providing specific ideas and contacts as to how they can do this.
  • Be welcoming and accessible to all abilities and free of charge
  • Promote free and respectful sharing of information and opinions, be politically non-partisan.
  • Be submitted to the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee for review and approval.

Questions? Please email info@peaceweekdelaware.org

[Criteria updated 04-15-21]