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To submit an event, you must meet our Event Criteria. Please consult these simple guidelines before planning or submitting an event.

Please submit by August 1. The Steering Committee will make every effort to help you get the word out about your event through electronic newsletters, printed promotion media and through this website. Early submissions will gain the full benefit of these efforts. Please read our guidelines for organizing a virtual event as found on our submission form launch page.

Event Submission Form FAQ

  • Location: Use the drop-down to select in-person or virtual. Hybrid events should be entered as in-person; the URL conference link can later be distributed via email to all who book the event.
  • Tags: We encourage you to use tags so that web users can easily identify the characteristics of your event or find your event in a search. Select up to 3 tags that feel like they best represent your event. Click TAGS now for more information.
  • Bookings and Registrations: Make sure you check the box “Enable Registrations for this event”. This will enable attendees to register for your event through our site.
  • Images: images can be sent separately to Our staff will do its best to resize the image and insert into your posting.
  • Contact Information: It is essential that you provide a phone number AND an email address where you can be contacted, or your event will not be approved.

Unauthorized Access

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After submission:

  • Scroll up to the top of the page to make sure you get a SUCCESS message.
  • If not, try to correct the error and/or resubmit without the image. The image can be sent separately to Our staff will do its best to resize the image and insert into your posting.
  • Initial acceptance: the editorial team will review your entry and may make suggestions for revisions. Within four days, our staff will email you a link to view a “pending” website entry for your event. If you do not receive the email, look in your spam and bulk folders for an acceptance email from WordPress. It is critical that you locate and reply to this email. You should contact us at if you cannot locate the acceptance email within four days.
  • Revisions and approval by event organizers: In that email, you will be asked to give final approval. Web staff will gladly work with you to execute necessary changes prior to publishing your event on our website OR you may follow the Manage Your Event link to edit your posting yourself.
  • Final publishing of events on our website: We will not publish events without email approval from the event organizer. If you fail to give approval, within four days, the event description will be removed from our website.

    It is due to your generosity that our community will benefit from the events that you organize. On behalf of the entire community, thank you.

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