Health Challenge Delaware

Health Challenge Delaware

Join us for the third annual Health Challenge Delaware and dedicate 22 days to a healthier you!  Want to feel better? Lose weight? Get off medicines? Learn about the “why” and the “how to” from an experienced team of health experts. Discover how dietary, exercise and sleep patterns that let us function at our best. Live and learn the skills of a whole food plant-based diet. Reclaim your health and even lose a few pounds of fat, while enjoying satisfying, nutritious meals that help to protect the environment and to end exploitation of migrant workers and of course the animals. Connect with a mentor who will support your journey to a healthier you! The theme of the kickoff Peace Week session on Tuesday, October 5, is “Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet.”  Subsequent sessions and themes are:  Tuesday October 12, “Food Choice is the #1 Determinant of Our Health”; Tuesday October 19, “Nutrition Myths and Nutrition Facts”; and Tuesday October 26, “A New You: Lifetime of Wellbeing.”  All events are 6:30 to 8pm.  Health Challenge Delaware is FREE! Sign up at


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