Looking and Reflecting Virtual – Art Matters

Looking and Reflecting Virtual - Art Matters

Art is a lens to look at issues that are too complex to examine in words.” (Aaron Staples)
Can art change minds and hearts? We believe a close encounter with art and with others over art has the power to transform, illuminate, and educate. Today as we grapple with the divisions and inequalities that plague our country, the visual arts are a tool that can open a window of understanding and discussion between diverse communities.  Join us as we take a close look and discuss two works of art that tell an American story that is both joyful and personal – stories that are told against a backdrop of struggle against racism.

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  • Organization: Delaware Art Museum
  • Organization Website: www.delart.org
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  • For Information Contact: Chris Vitsorek | 3029990652 | vitsorek@udel.edu


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