Seventh Annual Peace Week Delaware, October 8-16

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Your Dollars Make A Difference


We All Can Do Something

In the Oscar-winning film ”Navalny”, the director asks activist Alexei Navalny, “Alexei, if you are arrested and thrown in prison, or the unthinkable happens and you are killed, what message do you leave behind for the Russian people?” Alexei answers in Russian, “We...

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Brandywine Arts Festival

  Shifts of Peace Week Delaware Volunteers handed out stickers, postcards, book lists and copies of The Peace Book to the crowds attending the Brandywine Arts Festival. No one got by Pat without a personal invitation to check out our website and register for an...

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Spotlight on

Disclosure Watch Party and Panel Discussion - Woodlawn Library Date: 10/8   Time: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm Why Attend this Event? Because they are our neighbors One in 33 American teens (approximately one in each classroom) identifies as transgender .5% of all U.S. adults,...

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Celebrate International Literacy Day

Literacy Lights the Path to Peace Since 1967, International Literacy Day Celebrations have taken place annually to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. Literacy allows us to Think...

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Saving Nature One Lawn at a Time

This year, the number of community events appearing on Peace Week Delaware’s event calendar on the state of our environment, the loss of natural areas and biodiversity, and the importance of native plants to a healthy ecosystem caught my attention. It prompted...

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Peace Week Featured Event

🌱 Volunteers Needed! 🌿 Do you have a passion for wildflowers, songbirds, or butterflies?  Are you interested in preserving a local green space as a place where you and your children can enjoy nature?  Check out this featured Peace Week event at...

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The Peace Book by Todd Parr

Peace Week Delaware has been distributing copies of The Peace Book to children who come visit our Open Streets exhibit. The book has wonderful illustrations which support its important message.  We share the text here for kids of all ages: Peace is making new friends...

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