Home-school Lesson plans

Peace and courage to all of you who are struggling to provide support for students and their families, teachers, and support staff during this very difficult time. You are surely being inundated with resources and guidance for setting up distance learning. Peace Week Delaware would like to offer an idea for helping students be proactive about their studies, using project-based learning.

Peace requires social, racial, economic, gender and environmental justice. How do our students understand justice? How can they learn and practice justice in any of the areas mentioned?

We would suggest that students be guided and challenged to research heroes in social, racial, economic, gender or environmental justice. Then, they can look to see what groups, local, national and internationals are working to achieve justice in the field on which they have chosen to focus. Finally, they will want to discover how they can participate.

We do not want to overwhelm you with a long list of resources, but highly recommend:

United States Institute of Peace – Lessons and Activities


Friendly Freebies


Pinterest – Peace Day Pins


Thank you for your attention to our offer and for all that you do for Delaware students and their families.

Pat Bartoshesky, Schools Committee