planning peace week school events


What can schools do during Peace Week Delaware?  Schools can use Peace Week Delaware to teach students about how they can contribute to a peaceful culture in our society.  By holding an Event for students, faculty, student families and other members of the community, you engage students in learning about and discussing peace-making.  You are free to decide what kind of Event and which audience works best for your school.

  • Events can address virtually any topic that helps to build peace and racial, social, economic, gender or environmental justice.
  • Events can take almost any form that fits your school’s approach, such as:
·       Movies·       Expert Panels·       Art Exhibits
·       Outdoor Activities·       Songs·       Photography Exhibits
·       Posters·       Talks·       Musical Performances
·       Morning Announcements·       Walks·       Meals
·       Assemblies·       Marches·       Yoga & other Exercise Sessions
·       Class Activities·       Readings·       Arts & Crafts Workshops
  • Schools can also reshape an existing program to fit the Peace Week Delaware Event Criteria.

What resources are available to educators?

  • See the a wide range of free resources on the Peace Week Delaware website under Resources in the main navigation bar.
  • In addition, members of the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee are available to answer questions, provide ideas and assist you in planning an Event. Contact Pat Bartoshesky at

Are there criteria that schools should follow?  Yes, and we have simplified them to make holding an Event easy for educators.


  • Help to build a culture of peace in Wilmington and Delaware, to make Delaware known for its transformation to a culture of peace and to create sustainable actions to build a culture of peace
  • Have peace, nonviolence, and / or equal justice as the primary theme or outcome
  • Have a Delaware focus; may also address national and international peace and justice issues
  • Motivate attendees to become involved in continuing peace activities by providing concrete ideas for concrete actions
  • Be politically non-partisan


  • Occur during Peace Week Delaware – October 3 – 11, 2020
  • Involve collaboration with other peace-oriented organizations and individuals
  • Be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Not allow weapons of any type
  • Be free of charge


  • Have the will, energy, and resources for a successful event
  • Let the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee know about your Event in advance (Schools are not required to submit the Registration Form on our website)
  • Provide information after the Event to the Steering Committee (Schools are not required to complete the Evaluation Form we ask of other Event Organizers)

COLLABORATION:  Finally, we find that some of the most impactful Events have been ones that involve collaboration with others – other schools or community organizations.  Although collaboration is not a requirement, we encourage you to consider finding a partner.  For example, a speaker from another organization on positive community efforts can be inspiring for students.  The Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee can provide information on other organizations that could make good partners for you.

About Peace Week Delaware.  Peace Week Delaware (PWD) is held state-wide across nine days.  Events help Delawareans build strong communities by learning about how to take action to resolve issues of violence and racial, social, economic and gender injustice.  We are in our fifth year and have had over 100 Events in each of our last four years, attracting thousands of Delawareans state-wide.  Donations can be made through our fiscal sponsor, Pacem in Terris, at Donate to Peace Week.

There are four key elements to Peace Week’s success.

  • Event Organizers – Individuals, schools, hospitals, non-profits, faith and community groups, libraries and governments.
  • Community Partners – Individuals, businesses and foundations that donate to help pay for state-wide promotion.
  • Steering Committee – Volunteer team that sets the Peace Week calendar and Event Criteria, recruits and supports Event Organizers, manages our website and Event registration, provides logos and other resources and raises funds for state-wide promotion through our website and in print and online.
  • Members of the Public – Folks who attend Peace Week Events and carry actions to promote peace back to their communities.

Questions?  Please contact Pat Bartoshesky at