Publicizing Your Event

So you have this fantastic event coming up.  You’ve worked hard on it.  And you want to share it with the world at large.  How do you get the word out?  Maybe some of these ideas will help.

  1.  Social Media:  Social Media is free.  You can set up a Facebook, Instagram or a Twitter account at no cost.  An excellent way to reach people.  You can use your personal account or set up another one specific to the event. There are plenty of event communities on Facebook (i.e. Non Profit Facebook)  and over Twitter Chats (see #EventProfs). Tap into a conversation, or start a new on.
  • Newsletters:  If you are a faith-based organization, you may be able to submit event information in the weekly bulletins through the church office.  Or you may belong to a community email group (i.e. Nextdoor).  Or you may tap into communications from your local civic association mailings.  (find contact on for the City of Wilmington)  If you are based in the county, google your association.  You will want to put your information out there in as many ways as possible. Do it weekly starting 4 weeks before the event.
  • Media:  Unfortunately, media coverage is usually costly.  You can, however, write Letters to the Editor. Below are several links to better known publications.  You can contact by phone or by email.  Be creative….find local publications and use them.
  1. Instructions for the News Journal can be found at  
    1. The Newark Post  
    1. In Hockessin  (go to bottom of website for contact information) 
    1. The Catholic Dialog Some of these papers will print your event information in their community calendars at no charge.  
    1. Out and About Magazine  
    1. The INWilmington Calendar
    1. ABC news Wilmington  (scroll to the bottom and go to Community)  
    1. WDEL radio  scroll to the bottom and go to Service for contact info. 
    1. You get the idea:  Go to the website for the media organization and search the website for contacts.  Call them with your information or use the online forms.  Remember:  People who ask for more….get more.  And a lot of these publications offer to post your event for free, at least on their community calendars.
  • Desktop Publishing (Flyers):  If you don’t have a budget for printing materials….Use your personal printer to create a flyer.  Staples and local office service stores will print flyers fairly cheaply.  Or you may be lucky enough to have access to a high volume printer.  
  1. When creating a flyer…be sure to include time and place.  You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but experience shows sometimes it is forgotten.
  1. Make it uncluttered.  State the event in a large font.  Keep your description short.  Bullet points rather than paragraphs. 
  1. Be sure to mention what audience is appropriate (i.e. family-oriented, adult) 
  • Make it welcoming
  • Distribute widely.  All team members, family, friends should be recruited.  Hand out at gatherings, coffee shops, school events, religious gatherings, etc.)
  • Talk it Up!!  If you are featuring a presenter who has their own organization and/or their own website, include that in your documentation.  If your program or your presenter has won awards or accolades, mention that as well.  
  • When it comes to Publicity . . . do it early and do it often!

Best of luck with a successful presentation