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To be registered as an official Peace Week Delaware event, your event must meet our Event Criteria. Please consult these simple guidelines before planning or submitting an event.

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Please register by August 1. Early submissions make it possible for us to help you publicize your event. The Steering Committee will make every effort to help you get the word out about your event through electronic newsletters and through this website.

Please read our guidelines for organizing a virtual event as found on our registration form launch page.

Registration Form FAQ

  • Location, In-person: provide the physical address in the embedded-google-maps-Where-section of your registration form. Some site venues are stored in the system and will auto-fill.
  • Location, Virtual events: use the drop-down menu to open an entry space for a URL. Here, you will need to provide the video conference access link URL as well as your own text descriptor for the link.  This link will be emailed to all attendees one day before your event.
  • Tags: We encourage you to use Tags so that web users can easily identify the characteristics (or attributes) of your event.  You can select up to three tags in the registration form below. Select TAGS for more information.
  • Bookings and Registrations: You should check the box “Enable Registrations for this event” and select the number of spaces available if you have are planning an in-person event.  Ignore the rest of the Booking form.
  • “DETAILS” box: This is where you should give a short description of your event; it should be about 500 characters in length.  You may include a link to your website where more information about your event can be made available.
  • Images: need to be no larger than  700 x 700
  • Contact Information: It is essential that you provide a phone number and an email address where you can be contacted.

Unauthorized Access

You do not have the rights to manage this Event.

Images should be no larger than 700 x 700. If your image is too large, your form will generate a message that submission has failed.  You must resubmit without the image in order ro complete a successful submission and send the image to

After submission:

  • Initial acceptance: the editorial team will review your entry and may make suggestions for revisions.    Within a week, our staff will send you, via email, a link to view a “pending” website entry for your event. If you do not receive the email, look in your spam and bulk folders. Occasionally, these auto-generated emails from WordPress are considered spam. It is critical that you locate and reply to these emails.
  • Revisions and approval by event organizers: In that email, you will be asked to give final approval. Web staff will gladly work with you to execute necessary changes prior to publishing your event on our website OR you may follow the “Manage Your Event”-link to edit your posting yourself.
  • Final publishing of events on our website: We will not publish events without email approval from the event organizer. If you fail to give approval, within four days, the event description will be removed from our website.

It is due to your generosity that our community will benefit from the events that you organize.  On behalf of the entire community, thank you.

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