Help make Peace a community goal and Peace Week an annual community celebration.

Peace Week Delaware is organized by an all-volunteer team of community members. No matter how many hours we put in, there are some services we provide, such as advertising, promotion, and this website, that money simply must buy. We weathered 2020 with minimal spending, largely because most events were moved online, Please support our 2021 efforts to achieve return to a model that includes both in-person and virtual events.  Help us maintain our diverse offering of quality events. Peace Week Delaware is non-partisan and reaches across racial, economic, and religious lines.

Your donations will be used to improve our outreach, upgrade our website, and promote Peace Week Delaware in print and online. We aim to raise $7,000 by September 15, 2022

To view our current list of financial and in-kind partners, go to the COMMUNITY PARTNERS page.

Ways to Donate

  • Online Donations

Our fiscal sponsor is Pacem in Terris, a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, so your contribution will be tax deductible. To donate online to Peace Week Delaware, make a contribution to Pacem in Terris and specify Peace Week Delaware in the “Select Program” menu.


  • Business Donations

If you are making a business donation, please use the link for online donations given above, but also email us at so that we can include you on our listing of 2021 Community Partners.

  • Donations by Mail

To donate by mail, please make checks out to “Pacem in Terris” with “Peace Week Delaware” in the memo line and send to:

Peace Week Delaware
1301 N. Broom St.
Wilmington DE 19806

  • In-kind Donations

If  you or your organization would like to support this and future Peace Weeks through in-kind donations, email us at