Eighty-five events have been registered, seventy-five in New Castle County, six in Kent County and four in Sussex County for Peace Week Delaware 2018.  They  include community picnics, community walkabouts, interfaith conversations, discussions on racial divisions, alternative to violence workshops, lectures and discussions on immigration issues, healthy practices from yoga to meditation, films,  religious services, dramatizations on topics like homelessness and peace vigils, drum circles, several collections for the needy, consciousness raising for LGBTQ populations, a radio program, a community wellness fair and youth activities ranging from taking video to painting and writing poetry to making crafts like pinwheels and origami.

Thanks to the creativity and unselfishness of Peace Week event sponsors, we will all have a diverse program of events to educate, inspire, motivate  and amuse us beginning on September 15.

Thank you, event sponsors, for your efforts in designing these events and for your future efforts in executing them for our collective benefit.

For those of you who did not make the deadline, we encourage you to register your events so that they can be included on our website.  Your events will still qualify as full-fledged Peace Week Delaware events; we will all work to make every event a success.

All events have been posted. Event sponsors,  please check the postings for your event and contact us as soon as possible at events@peaceweekdelaware.org if editorial changes are needed.