Host an Event for Peace Week Delaware

Accepting Event Submissions Until August 1st, 2021.

We’re thrilled that you want to get involved with Peace Week! Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1) Review Event Criteria

Step 2) Brainstorm Event Ideas

Step 3) Plan Your Event

Step 4) Register Your Event with Us!

Step 1) Review Event Criteria

Event Content
  • Support the mission, vision, and goal of the Movement for a Culture of Peace:
    • Mission: Build a culture of peace in Wilmington and the State of Delaware
    • Vision: Make Delaware known for its transformation to a culture of peace
    • Goal: Create sustainable actions to build a culture of peace
  • Have peace, nonviolence, or equal justice as its primary theme or outcome
  • Have a Delaware focus; may also address national and international peace and justice issues
  • Motivate attendees to become involved in peace activities by providing specific ideas and contacts about how they can do this
  • Be politically non-partisan
Event Characteristics
  • Collaborate with other peace-oriented organizations and individuals
  • Be open and welcoming to everyone (K-12 events in a school and scheduled during the school day for students and faculty are exempt from this Criteria)
  • Be accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Not allow weapons of any type
  • Be free of charge (Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee must grant permission for events that are not free); voluntary contributions from attendees may be accepted
  • Collections of clothing, personal items etc. from attendees must be voluntary. Event
  • Organizers must manage any collections and assure delivery to the intended recipients. The number of these collections at Events will be limited and approved each year by the Steering Committee.
Expectations of Event Organizers
  • Have the will, energy, and resources for a successful event
  • Use a sign-in sheet to capture email addresses for attendees*
  • Distribute and collect feedback from attendees*
  • Report after the Event to the Peace Week Delaware Steering Committee*

*The Peace Week Steering Committee will provide the format for these items.

Step 2) Brainstorm Event Ideas

Want to participate but aren’t sure how your organization fits in? Check out our idea bank for suggestions and resources that will help you come up with the perfect idea.

Step 3) Plan Your Event

With the future still uncertain for many this October, we anticipate a lot of virtual events BUT you can plan in-person events as well. If you’re undecided, you can read through our virtual events tips.

Events and the Pandemic

We’re all aware that COVID-19 has caused incredible disruption to our lives, and in almost every way imaginable. To maintain our current vigilance, but to continue promoting peace throughout our state, we want all of our organizers to deliver their event virtually, or outdoors, in a socially-distanced manner. We’re not sure what October will bring, but we want everyone’s hard work to be honored with the attendance they deserve. Our Steering Committee will work with our organizers to develop virtual/digital/socially distanced adaptations for their events whenever possible.

Considerations for Virtual Events

Virtual events require special planning on the part of event organizers. Here are a few important considerations:

  • All events with a virtual component will be registered as Registration(required) on our website and attendees will be asked to register with you at your email address at least 48 hours before the event. Furthermore, they will be told to expect a video conferencing invite from you at least 24 hours prior to the event.
  • Event organizers should not share conference links on social media and when sending out login details to registrants, they need to ask that they not be shared with anyone. This will make your event secure and prevent the “crashing” of your event by hackers with offensive agendas.
  • Invest in a paid account ($14.99/mo for Zoom). Paid accounts allow the host to connect for longer times and larger groups. It will also allow you to record your event on the cloud and give you an access link. You could then repeat portions of the event in a follow-up event.
  • Invest some time in learning some best practices for virtual learning. If you have a paid Zoom account, for instance, you can assign attendees to breakout rooms where they can interact among themselves and then you can have them report to the whole group. Talking head events are usually of limited value.
  • Delaware Libraries offers a useful guide to joining a Zoom meeting at: and pdf basic instructions for using zoom at: You may want to share these links with users when you send them the Zoom invite.
  • PWD will be offering technical support and making some attempts to give access to low-income residents. Toll-free access via phone may be available and group participation in an event at a “safe” location may be possible. Please check your emails periodically; new opportunities and new information will be available.
  • Email us at if you would like to set up a time to practice “Zooming.”

Step 4) Register Your Event with Peace Week Delaware!

Once your event is planned and you are certain it meets all the criteria, head on over to our registration page to submit it for Peace Week 2021. After submission the event will need to be approved and we’ll reach out to confirm and make any necessary adjustments before registration goes live.